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The Case for Investing in Black Women
21 Feb 2024
The Case for Investing in Black Women
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Multifamily Virtual Real Estate investing - BRRR Strategy for Lifetime Cash Flow - Cleveland Vlog


Watch as we walk through two apartment buildings we recently purchased in Cleveland OH. We thought they were 4 units each, but the public records actually lists them as 6 units each, so 12 units total!

We actually first spotted these two buildings 1 year ago (September 2018) when we were on the street checking out a fixer upper duplex one of our partners purchased across the street. We turned around to scan the block and noticed two massive abandoned brick apartment buildings. Dedric & I looked at each other and said DANG, it sure would be nice to buy, renovate and rent those buildings!!!

But there was a problem...we didn't know who owned them or how to get in touch with the owner to see if he/she wanted to sell???

Enter Deal Machine & Landglide! We pulled up the property in Deal Machine & Land Glide on the spot and found out Owner's Name, size of property, and owner's address. We noticed he was an out of state owner. Now we had to get in touch with him. So we took a picture and started our postcard mailers on the spot! Every 30 days for about 6 months a postcard went out but we got no response. So we also had our virtual skip trace him, looked him up on LinkedIn, and we started calling the seller.

After about 15 phone calls, 6 post cards and 3 LinkedIn messages the seller called us back and said he might want to sell at the right price...6 months later we were under contract. We tell this story to impress upon you a few things
-Fortune is in the follow up
-You can truly manifest your destiny if you combine BELIEF + ACTION

The Marathon Continues...


Dedric & Krystal are stars of "50/50 Flip" on A&E & Hulu TV. The Polites are rare keynote speakers, coaches & entrepreneurs that actually own & operate multiple highly profitable 7 figure businesses.

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Prime Corporate Services
- This company is the only company we entrust to do our entity setup, they handle setting up all our entities and tax planning, estate planning and they have helped us secure business credit for our business. No matter what people tell you , you need an LLC.

Deal Machine
- Driving for Dollars and AI Real Estate App
- 7 Day Free Trial and $50 in free postcards

Kind Skip Tracing
- This is another company we use for list pulling and skiptracing. The list pulling is included when you order the skiptracing. 10,0000 skiptraces for $300

Credit Repair
- If you are going to do it, do it yourself and control your cost. Credit repair is not rocket science. You can do this yourself. Like we did.

Hard Money Lender

- Make sure to type in the promo code POLITE for 20% off the first month or 30% off the whole year.

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The Case for Investing in Black Women
21 Feb 2024
The Case for Investing in Black Women
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